How To Run For Office

Episode 1 · February 1st, 2018 · 27 mins 52 secs

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Speaking of Liberty Episode 1: Run for General Assembly

Why should you run?
Choice - 53 offices went unopposed in the general election 2016 and 56 in 2012, giving voters no choice and no reason to vote or get engaged with the democratic process. In districts without choice, voter turnout is even lower because the result is the same no matter what. These districts are screaming for a Libertarian candidate to step in and be the alternative to what everyone assumes will happen.

  1. Find a treasurer
    - Enlist the help of a certified treasurer
    - Convince a friend to serve as your treasurer and make sure they complete training
    - Serve as your own treasurer and complete training
    - Click Here for NC Board of Elections Training
  2. Form a committee
    1. Fill out the organizational packet for new candidate committees found here with the help of your treasurer. This includes forms CRO-2100A, 3100, 3500, 3600, and 3900.
    2. Mail or deliver forms to State Board of Elections in Raleigh
    3. Open bank account by going to your local bank and ask to open an interest free account for a political candidate committee

  3. Select an office to run for
    Determine your House and Senate districts and consider the pros and cons of each race. Consider if either incumbent is likely to go unopposed or if the race between two candidates is expected to be particularly close.

  4. Raise the filing fee of $207

    1. Consider self-funding first
    2. Ask family and friends
    3. Ask for donations from like minded people
    4. Talk to your local affiliate or your state party for more guidance on funding sources

  5. File for office

    1. Call your county or state board of elections and tell them you would like to file for office.
    2. Make an appointment, if necessary, between February 12 and 28
    3. Go in person to your county or state board of elections office
    4. File a Notice of Candidacy with your county or state board of elections office
    5. Sign an affadavid in front of the chairman because you are running for public office

  6. After-filing party
    Decompress from the bureaucracy

Board of Elections General Assembly Fact Sheet

Erik Raudsep is a Libertarian candidate running for North Carolina House District 31
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